3×1 products

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Scott Morrison the founder of 3×1 is in the verge of growth mode. The Southampton outpost for instance, has adapted the denim brand and they have opened more shops to enable people around the region to access the products so easily. Just like Southampton, the company have stretched globally, to both developed and developing countries due to its products that are quite versatile. The founder of this astonishing designs and fashions if a Californian, Morrison Scott, who began from his invention of two well-known brands of jeans called Paper Denim & Cloth and Earnest Sewn. These was followed by the third design jeans venture 3×1 and since then many other products have been made up to date. The products of Denim are, but few, discussed in the following paragraphs.


Women’s 3×1 jeans are made in several styles and shape starting from the boot cut and slim size to low-rise fits. The tradition of fabric and Denim have made jeans that are much comfortable in that one does not have to worry on where to find a fly at any time, which offers undying passion to women and make them stay true to the products of 3×1.  Women’s jeans include the tops\, trousers, jackets and garments. These products are modelled and designed to new form and shape from time to time, hence ensuring a continuous taste to customers.

Men’s jeans collection on the other hand, are available in form of trousers, shirts, jackets, and military short jeans. The key features of these 3×1 jeans are variety of colors, collections of various shapes, variation in size from low-mid to slim fits, and rinse wash capability. The products for men vary in terms of shape and sizes, from slim to low-medium sizes. Men are mostly not sensitive about the colors and thus most of them, especially in America, prefer blue jeans. They can be casual or formal, depending on what the man has combined together.


Another 3×1 jeans product is the car’s jeans used in making seats and overalls used by technical team in constructions and other heavy working environments. They add some materials to the normal jeans meant for clothing like spun nylon, which is known for increasing the strength and fire resistance. In the car’s seat design, the actual versions of rivets were copper and were stitched with the Levis tab on the forward-facing seat backs.

During the production, most jeans are made from denim and incorporate full width of fabric, along with its edges for maximum production. For premium qualities cloths that exhibit the finished boundaries are made from selvedge. The variety of denims products are produced on the basis of gender, age and the purpose to be served. The products meant for children is different from those meant to be used by adults in terms of the shape, size and design but the materials is mostly the same. On the other hand, those intended to be used in industrials and commercial places like in car’s seats are tougher and strong. This is to improve the durability and fire resistance.